Literature review on the regional engagement of UAS is published

Literature review on the regional engagement of universities of applied sciences is published

This literature review focuses on the selected set of relevant resources including articles, reports and projects results which highlight indicators about HEIs’ regional engagement or provide a basis for developing such indicators. This desk research phase drew on the existing knowledge of the project team and a search of both published and grey literature using relevant keywords. We have focused our investigation on over 20 sources, based on a quick scan, which met these expectations. The literature review should support the creation of a set of indicators for the self-assessment of UAS regional cooperation in 7 categories, which were created within the UASiMAP project (categories: the active role of UAS in regional strategy development and implementation, regional aspects of teaching and learning, UAS capacity for the region, research and innovation, social innovation, lifelong learning, other (means topics which do not fit the previous six categories)).

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