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The main goal of the UASiMAP project is to map and further support the regional engagement activities of European professional higher education institutions, in particular Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS).



UASiMAP project aims to develop a self-reflection tool which will measure UAS local engagement and development of their further strategies. The project will also promote and communicate higher education institutions’ contribution to society and regional community, based on the experience and insights of key stakeholders from across the whole European Union. The project will also collect a several good practices of successful UAS engagement on the local level.

The project will benefit from the experience and conclusion of other similar initiatives and projects (e.g. HEInnovate, U-Multirank) and may be build upon the achievements of the TEFCE project which has been focused on relevant issues since 2017.

UASiMAP Twitter Timeline

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


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